Explainer: Introduction to Vena Insights


This article provides an introduction to Vena Insights and explains how the feature works.


Introduction to Vena Insights

What is Vena Insights?

For users seeking to create visuals to complement reporting and analytics, Vena Insights enables you to build and refine reports with multiple visuals based on a pre-selected dataset. Vena Insights lets you create reports with a variety of visuals that showcase findings and insights based on the dataset tied to the report(s).


Why should I use Vena Insights?

With Vena Insights, you can view consolidated imported data through interactive visuals to track KPIs and identify areas for further exploration. You can also drill down by key areas of interest to view the top contributing areas of revenue or expenses.


What's the difference between Vena Insights and the Vena Insights Connector?

The table below provides an overview of the differences between Vena Insights and the Vena Insights Connector.


Vena Insights

Vena Insights Connector


  • Available to all users with a Vena license. It does not require a separate subscription to Power BI from Microsoft, however, it is a Vena add-on. If you are interested in Vena Insights, please reach out to your CSM.


  • Requires a subscription to Vena Insights Connector and Web service.


  • Easy to maintain with a small team and limited resources. 



  • Can leverage internal/external expertise for a cross-departmental data visualization strategy. 


  • You can custom-build your own dashboards with connected data models. 
  • Best-in-class measures are applied to the dataset with the Pre-configured solutions dashboard. 




  • If you already use Power BI Pro Enterprise, you can easily connect with the Vena Insights Connector.
  • Leverage the flexibility and dataset manipulation capabilities of power query in Vena Insights Connector. 
  • Ideal for consolidating different data sources. 

Please contact your Customer Success Manager, to learn about how to activate Vena Insights.



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